Tomorrow’s solutions today.

At Norquest, we are committed to staying at the cutting edge of machine tool technology. We provide our Customers with technical capability and superior precision that simply outclasses our competitors.  

Norquest Industries - CNC Machining | Honing and Boring | Phosphate | Design Engineering | Assembly | Turnkey Manufacturing

Our investment in advanced technology results in maximum efficiency and minimal down time.

Since incorporating in 1996, Norquest has grown to become one of western Canada’s largest machining services companies. We offer 100,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. This allows us the flexibility to scale production to meet a broad range of customer needs. Unlike conventional machine shops, we provide our customers with complete product delivery solutions that include space for assembly, testing, warehousing and distribution.

Norquest Industries - CNC High Production Machining

High Production CNC Cell
11 Turning Centres with integrated milling.
6 Turning Centers.
Spindle Bores up to 10.8″ (27.43 cm) with 120″ (304.8 cm) bed length, with deep boring capacity.
4 Milling Centres with 5 axes capacity.

Norquest Industries - Complex Machining - Multi-Axis machining

Complex Machining Cell
7 Integrex Turning/Milling Centres with up to 9 axes capability, spindle bores up to 10.24″(26 cm), with bed lengths up to 160″(406.4 cm). Our flagship E670 is equipped with 40″(101.6 cm) deep boring and 4 steady rests.
3 DMF Milling Centres with 5 axes and up to 197″(500.38 cm) table length.
1 Ibarmia with a bed length of 393.7″

Norquest Industries - Controlled Cycle Cell - Small Batch Machining - Protoype Machining and manufacturing

Controlled Cycle Cell
17 Weiler Lathes with up to 14.25(36.19 cm) spindle bore, 43.3″(109.98 cm) swing, and 177.17″(450.01 cm) bed length, with deep boring. Through bore capacity to 45 feet.
1 Trakmill.

Norquest Industries - Manual Machining and Manufacturing - Milling and Turning

Manual Cell
3 Lathes with up to 54″ (137.16 cm) swing capacity and 120″ (304.8 cm) bed lengths.
4 Mills with table lengths up to 104″ (264.16 cm).

Norquest Industries - Honing And Boring

Honing / Pull Boring
1 Sunnen Automatic Hone with ID capability up to 22.5″ (57.15 cm), with a stroke length of 315″ (800.1 cm).
1 UNISIG B600R Deep Hole Drilling Machine with a length capacity of 314.9″ and pull boring capability.