Customer Focus

Engineering business success.

At Norquest, we know the importance of long-term business relationships. We believe in developing and fostering partnerships with our customers that are grounded in their metrics for success.

Norquest understands that the commitments you make to your Customers are paramount. You must be able to count on reliable deliveries from suppliers, and take quality for granted. We know that our success results from yours.

Norquest Industries - CNC, Turnkey, Assemblies, Manufacturing

Our goal is to help our Customers achieve a competitive advantage by providing solutions that yield superior business results.

Norquest Industries - CNC, Turnkey, Assemblies, Manufacturing

Norquest uses a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP allows us to maximize the efficiency of our business processes across the entire enterprise. We get real-time information through barcode technology, which lets us give you immediate answers on order status, inventory control, material traceability, production scheduling, and report analysis. Beyond our ERP system, we use the most up-to-date, applicable software to ensure our own efficiency and to assure compatibility with our customers.